Book “&Fork”

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Londres, Reino Unido, 2007

Co-Curator of design book &Fork published by Phaidon Press.

A group of 10 international curators was invited by Phaidon Press to write about the world panorama of contemporary design, which was published after the success of the first book “Spoon” by the same company. Guta Moura Guedes, Tom Dixon, Maria Helena Estrada, Pierre Keller, Sang-Kyu Kim, Didier Krzentowski, Julie Lasky, Brian Parkes, Francesca Picchi and Chieko Yoshiie highlighted the work and career of 100 international designers, combining their extensive knowledge to guarantee the book provided a dynamic perspective about the world of product design. Each writer introduced 10 designers, as well as a critical essay for each one and a selection of their works.

Considered an essential publication for any designer or person interested in the current situation of design with an international perspective, it was praised and well received by the critics and specialists from relevant institutions. The New York Times, for instance, stated that &Fork reflect “a contemporary and global encyclopedia of what happens when wit, whimsy and rigor are brought to bear on ordinary items”.