Design 06 – Dialogues about Time and Design

Vienna, Austria, 2006

Guta was one of the guest speakers invited to this series of debates at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, together with Paola Antonelli and Patricia Urquiola, among others.

The University of Applied Arts in Vienna produced a series of events called DESIGN06, bringing together 31 experts to discuss burning questions on the theme of time and design. In conversation modules of 50 minutes, dynamics and speed are factors of considerable significance.

DESIGN06 intended to contribute to an intensification of the design discourse developing an approach that offers both a scientific and practical starting point as well as broader social relevance. Professionals from the areas of studio work, education, development/production/technology, collecting/communicating/exhibiting, design theory, business, academia and media encountered each other for pressing and insightful discussions.

Guta participated in debates alongside Paola Antonelli, Max Borka, Christian Gärtner, Joris Laarman, Patricia Urquiola and Harald Gründl.