Arrábida course – Intersections in and of Design

Conferences and Debates — Co-Curator
Lisboa, Portugal, 1999

Co-curator of the “Intersections in and of Design” workshop, integrated on the Arrábida Summer University 1999 and the EXD’99 programme.

Intersections in and of Design was a forum for theoretical discussion on the various aspects of the discipline, one of the main themes of the EXD Biennale’s first edition.

Commissioned by Guta Moura Guedes and Marco Sousa Santos, the workshop brought together around twenty national and international speakers and a small group of students that stayed at the Arrábida monastery for 5 days. The event had the special participation of American design writer and professor Victor Margolin.

António Cerveira Pinto (Portugal), Chloé Braunstein (France), Daciano da Costa (Portugal), Egas José Vieira (Portugal), Ezio Manzini (Italy), João Bénard da Costa (Portugal), João Botelho (Portugal), José António Fernandes Dias (Portugal), José Bragança de Miranda (Portugal), Manuel Graça Dias (Portugal), Miguel Palma (Portugal), Olivier Peyricot (France), Paolo Rizzatto (Italy), Pascale Cassagnau (France), António Sena da Silva (Portugal), Teresa Cruz (Portugal) and Vanni Pasca (Italy).