Casa da Música Foundation

Associations and Institutions
Porto, Portugal, 2006

Director of Communication and Strategic Design

Invited by the administrator Nuno Azevedo to join the direction board of Casa da Música Foundation, which also integrated Pedro Burmester and Paulo Sarmento. GMG was responsible for opening one of the most important cultural institutions in Portugal, amplifying it to a larger audience and also increasing the number of various collaborations and partnerships with the Foundation. This contributed to the establishment of new relationships between music and other artistic practices in Portugal. 

Designed by the Danish architect Rem Koolhaas/OMA, the Foundation is situated in Boavista, Porto. GMG developed several projects with the intention to work on re-branding the image of Casa da Música – collaborating with Stefan Sagmeister – and the image of its resident musicians, Porto’s National Orchestra and Remix Ensemble. She also collaborated with the photographer Pedro Claudio; edited the book about Casa da Música and created the programme “ONP on Fridays”, which juxtaposed music with design, art and architecture, among other artistic practices.