Common Sense Documentary

Television — Commissary
São Paulo, Brasil, 2018

Commissioner of the documentary Common Sense

Commissioned documentary of the project  Common Sense that integrated the programme First Stone (Primeira Pedra). Transmitted in RTP2, the film proposes a reflection about the applicability of the portuguese stone in daily life objects, through the production of original creations from different designers, showcased in São Paulo and London.

Having as a main objective the deepening of concepts that explore the relationship between design and natural resources, the designers Claudia Moreira Salles, Fernando Brízio, Fernando and Humberto Campana, Jasper Morrison, Michael Anastassiades and Miguel Vieira Baptista explain in this documentary how they designed constructed pieces that reflect simplicity and common sense, something that is being overlooked in current design practices qualities that have been losing strength in their contemporaneity . The execution of these new concepts efforts encapsulate great technology advancements with great formal and functional complexity.  

The project Common Sense was presented in two moments: the first in the iconic Lina Bo Bardi Glass House and then in the design fair MADE in São Paulo’s Biennial Pavilion in August 2017. It was also partially showcased in London in the Design Museum (2017) and in the National Coach Museum in Lisbon (2021)