EXD’01 Modus Operandi

Lisboa, Portugal, 2001

GMG co-curated and co-directed the second edition of biennale EXD.

Taking place in Lisbon between 16 Setember and 31 October 2001, EXD’01 had as a theme Modus Operandi, interrogating “How do you do what you do?”. The biennale, whose curatorial direction was led by João Paulo Feliciano and Pedro Gadanho, reflected on the ways and processes of project production, about the influence of new technologies and the urgency of new fields of intersections among sectors, inciting a critical eye over the institutionalised or historic “ways of doing”. 

With 180 creators and theorists from 16 countries, participating in 26 events (20 nuclear and 6 tangential ones), with a total of 84.142 visitors. 

Always with a centred focus on international communication, this edition was preceded by the creation and presentation of a new way of communicating – the Voyager 01, a project introduced in Milan and London, then in Lisbon during the biennial, and later in Barcelona. 

A special mention also to EXD Magazine, a television program conceived by EXD01 as a national communication project, which aired weekly on RTP2 during the Biennale, having been seen by 790,000 viewers.