EXD’09 Lisboa I It’s About Time

Events and Programs — Artistic Co-Director
Lisboa, Portugal, 2009

GMG was the co-curator and director of the EXD Biennale’s 5th edition.

After its interruption in 2007 and the realisation of the 4th edition in Amsterdam in 2008, the EXD Biennale returned to Lisbon in 2009 with “It’s About Time”. It presented a critical overview of the effects of time in the areas of design, architecture and other creative contemporary practices and how these can contribute to the development of new definitions of urgency, speed and deceleration. 

This was an edition preceded one year before by the presentation of an exhibition and conference created and produced by Peter Zumthor as a way to introduce the theme. 

This project counted 287 participants from 28 countries with a total of 145.509 visitors.