Lizbon in Zurich

Design and Architecture, Exhibitions — Commissary
Zurich, Switzerland , 2018

Artistic direction of the first international presentation of Lisbon Gallery.

Lisbon Gallery, an experimentadesign’s project, introduced its first exhibition “Lizbon in Zurich” in collaboration with Brand New World Salon, a Swiss gallery.

The exhibition presented the work of some of the most well regarded names of contemporary design and architecture from Portugal and internationally – names such as Amanda Levete, Bruno MM, Claudia Moreira Salles, Eneida Tavares, Fernando Brízio, Geckeler Michels, Jasper Morrison, Jorge Carreira, Joschua Brunn, Manuel Amaral Netto, Michael Anastassiades, Miguel Vieira Baptista, Naoto Fukasawa and Vítor Agostinho.

“Lizbon in Zurich ” centred mostly around works that were created within experimentadesign’s commissioned projects: design objects that integrate Primeira Pedra and the Metamorphosis and Efeito projects presented in EXD’13 and EXD’09 Biennales respectively. It also included works from independent projects created by designers who are part of the Lisbon Gallery Design & Architecture’s network.

Most of the selected works were produced in Portugal from national natural resources like stone and cork. The preference for natural and organic materials with a certain weight or relevancy in Portuguese history projects one of the main identitary characteristics of Lisbon Gallery: its investment in sustainability and innovation.

By presenting this exhibition, commissioned by its artistic director Guta Moura Guedes, Lisbon Gallery positions this collection in a global context, highlighting the international approach that has been distinguishing its practice, as well as disclosing an innovative and sustainable design – its majority with roots in Portugal.