EXD’03 Beyond Consumption

Events and Programs — Artistic Co-Director, Co-Director
Lisboa, Portugal, 2003

Co-directed and co-curator EXD’s third edition.

On the theme of “Beyond Consumption”, the EXD’03 Lisbon programme explored pressing issues in material and cultural production: what ideas and creations reflect the aspirations and needs of consumers? Do we really understand the experiences that make up the consumption and use of design, cinema, music, food or architecture? Do we contemplate the possibilities and problems that these experiences raise for us? How can we go further with the idea of consumption? To what extent do designers and creatives integrate these issues into their practice? What about users? How aware are they of these topics?

The third edition of the Biennale featured 376 participants in 27 events (17 core and 10 tangential ones) and was open from September 17, 2003 to November 2, 2003.