Reflex #1

Uncategorized — Artistic Co-Director, Writer
Lisboa, Portugal, 2000

Co-director of Reflex #1, a publication that reflects the work carried out and exhibited during the EXD’99 Biennale.

Published by experimentadesign and coordinated by Levina Valentim and Inês Lamim, Reflex #1 is an object-book that reflects the work developed for EXD’99, the first edition of the EXD Biennial.

One of the main aims of this book was to depict the way in which the experimentadesign99 programme was developed and created.

The book mirrors what was experienced in the first edition of the Biennale and was “conceived as an integrated creation of the event.”

Similarly to the first EXD, Reflex #1 was presented as an open-ended project, rather than a collection of memories of the event. The book was launched in partnership with Manuel Reis, in 2000, on the terrace of the then recently opened Lux Frágil.

This edition is sold out.